Follow These Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 For Sure Shot Success

If you are reading this, you may already know what digital marketing is. Trends are changing at a swift pace and we can say that digital marketing has been the backbone of the business in 21st century. It has become more sophisticated in 2000’s.

According to Wikipedia, “Digital media growth is estimated at 4.5 trillion online ads served annually with digital media spend at 48% growth in 2010. An increasing portion of advertising stems from businesses employing Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) to tailor advertising for internet users, but OBA raises concern of consumer privacy and data protection”

Your brand success in 2017 depends on two aspects- a) knowing the marketing trends and b) consistently applying them and creating unique consumer experiences.

In this post, we’ll focus on the digital trends your brands should be prepared for in the coming few months.


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Nowadays, brands are spending a lot of time creating more relevant and inspiring content than ever before. Companies running an active blog generate 67% more leads on a monthly basis compared to those who don’t blog. There is no doubt that it has been one of the primary tactics.


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According to a survey, expenditures on marketing analytics are set to rise by over 60%. Marketers are already using dozens of analytics tools to keep a track of engagement and business performance on digital platforms. Companies are utilizing the info and content pool created online by consumers. Marketers are already using dozens of analytics tools to keep a track of engagement and business performance on digital platforms.


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Today, no one has time to read, Everyone is interested in watching cause it is less time consuming and more informative. The use of videos for marketing purposes has been exponentially growing. Videos are a perfect way to show how a product works. Videos gives greater engagement, lower site bounce rates and also showcase product usage in multiple scenarios.


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Stories help brands align consumers to the emotional core of the brand. A mix of visual and contextual storytelling inspires emotions in consumers and increases trust. This has become a trends from severeal years. Brands are doing this and getting better responses than ever. The story could be in their TVC, in their social media, in written or watchable format. It can be anything. Consumers can really relate to stories.


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Well, every brand is active on twitter nowadays. You can get your solution within an hour of your tweet. This is called humanization of brands. Your social media shoul d be really active. Companies that have been making an effort to humanize their content strategy, have been able to increase sales, inspire users to stay longer on their websites & foster customer satisfaction. Personalization requires companies to first know their consumers well.


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You know this is important. But why ? Internet advertising is expected to rise by 10% on a global rate. Mobile ads will grow by a whooping 45% and online ad expenditure is set to rise through the year. Your brand’s reach is very dependant on your budget for online advertisement. And it is also getting costlier day by day.


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Microtargeting is a marketing strategy that uses consumer data and demographics to identify the interests of specific individuals or very small groups of like-minded individuals and influence their thoughts or actions. Targeted campaigns are two times more effective than non-targeted one size fits all campaigns. A study suggests that retargeted display ads inspire a lot more people to search for the product. So this is why it is really important.

You can start booming your business with these trends and it will surely help you to grow more and more.